One of the most popular trends in interior design recently has been wallpaper, which can be an incredibly versatile wall covering and a cost-effective solution to other wall design. While investing in full wall-paper may still be expensive, it’s still a great way to spice up a room, as it can be used in so many different ways. All you need for these ideas is a roll or two, some time and some passion for creativity.

Here are 5 ideas for how you can use wallpaper in places other than walls:

With the sudden and recent growth in wallpaper’s popularity as a wallcovering, it’s no wonder people are scrambling to get in on the trend. Designers have in recent years introduced hundreds of thousands of new, beautiful patterns, textures and prints in the wallpaper business. What may you be wondering is how can I introduce wallpaper into this and this room in my home? What wallpapers work best in my bedroom, what about my kitchen? How can I use wallpaper in the living and dining room without fear of it getting ruined? All of these questions are easily answered with some research, which is why we suggest you dig into new trends and ideas before making any decisions. For your befit, we’ve compiled this brief guide for how to choose a wall covering for every room in your home.

Your business’s interior design is an important factor in a customer’s first impression. When it comes to wallcoverings a design, you may be tempted to go with pristine white walls and neat, organized décor. However, in many circumstances paint is simply not the most interesting way to add to your business’s aesthetic appeal and the fact remains that your beautiful white walls will soon be dirty and scuffed, negating your hard work. When it comes to interior design, one of the modern trends in business design is an old trick: a combination of high and low fashion. Many modern businesses combine styles to create an impactful, tasteful, elegant modern approach that catches the eye and impresses at first sight. For this reason, wallpaper is a massively used wallcovering in the business world and is no longer synonymous with tacky, velour oriented décor. Wallpaper is a great way to bring together multiple textures, combine colour schemes and tones and create an eye-catching focal point for your business.

You’re tired of your current wallpaper and need a way to remove it. Maybe you want to try out a different pattern? Maybe you simply want to freshen it up. Either way, the old one has to go. If you’ve ever done this before you know how tricky certain kinds of wallpaper can be to fully remove from your walls. If you’re unlucky, you’re left with a sticky, peeling, half there mess that just refuses to budge until you’re left picking at it scrap by scrap. If this sounds like something you would like to avoid, keep reading! We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best ways to remove unwanted wallpaper.

With so many different kinds of wallcovering available on the market, it’s easy to find unique prints and ideas to incorporate into your home’s style. Sometimes you just want to find a unique idea that is different from your typical painted room and hanging picture frames. Kick your wall decorating up a notch by incorporating some of these amazing wall covering ideas that we’ve compiled for you today:

If you’ve never applied wallpaper on your own, you may be afraid to consider this a DIY project. While it is true that wallpaper application can be tricky, it’s actually much easier than most people think assuming you have the proper tools and instructions. To help you with your next wallpaper application we’ve assembled this ultimate DIY guide to wallpaper application:

There are a variety of wallcoverings available on the market today: from paints to inlaid stone and brick decal. With so many wallcoverings, it’s sometimes difficult to consider wallpaper a viable option. Wallpaper is an excellent option for all homes, but with so many different kinds available, it can be an overwhelming idea. Each kind of wallpaper requires different preparation, application and finishing according to it’s characteristics and the place in which it will be used. For your benefit, we’ve assembled the various

If you’re a novice with wallpaper, you may be at a loss to the prospect of interior decoration with anything other than paint. Wallpapering is the quickest, most transformative way to initiate change in an interior. However, it’s also difficult to choose a wallpaper that will accentuate your interiors and really make a statement. In fact, many are too afraid to consider patterns and bold statements in fear of making a mistake or creating a clashing concept. For these reasons, we’ve assembled the basics of wallpaper decoration, to help you out if you’re still on the edge about using wallpaper to your benefit. Here is the ultimate beginner’s guide to decorating with wallpapers: